Breast Cancer Screening

Breast Cancer Awareness Month – October 2022

Every October, people all over the world show their support for everyone affected by breast cancer.

The aim of the NHS Breast Screening Programme (BSP) is to reduce deaths from breast cancer by detecting cancer at an early stage, when treatment is more successful.

In England, breast screening is offered to individuals registered as female* between ages 50 and 71. The first invite is offered to women between ages 50 to 53, and they are then offered screening every 3 years until age 71. Females aged 71 or over can self-refer every 3 years. The breast screening test is a mammogram, which is done by a female mammographer at a clinic or mobile breast screening unit.

*Trans women, trans men and non-binary people registered as male are not routinely invited but can request breast screening. People can opt out if they do not want to receive screening invitations.

Don’t forget to touch, look, check

More than a third of women don’t check their breasts. We’re here to help you remember.

See Learn the signs of breast cancer infographic

The charity Breast Cancer Now have some excellent free resources: a guide to breast awareness and screening, and a pocket guide in 11 languages.

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