Join the NHS1000 Miles Challenge

Looking for an exciting challenge or an innovative New Year’s resolution? Why not join the NHS 1000-mile challenge and commit to walk, run, swim or cycle 1,000 miles during 2023?

The NHS’s 75th birthday will take place on 5 July 2023 and people across the country are being asked to join the NHS1000 mile challenge to mark the occasion.

Those taking part are encouraged to walk, run, swim or cycle (or a combination) a distance of 1,000 miles in the year. That’s an average of 2.74 miles per day.

Participants are asked to keep a record of their weekly miles and are invited to share their progress on Twitter on Sunday nights at 7.30pm using the hashtag #NHS1000miles.

As well as being a great way to mark the birthday, physical activity is good for your body and mind. Adults should aim to be active every day. Some is good – more is better still. Exercise can: improve your sleep; clear your mind; and boost your energy.

It’s completely free to take part in NHS1000miles. However, participants might want to get sponsored to complete their 1,000.

How can I join?

Work out how you want to complete your miles … and how many you’ll need to do each day/week/month

Track your miles through this dedicated spreadsheet or join the Strava group

If you want to, why not set up a JustGiving page and get sponsored

Share your weekly mileage at the Twitter ‘check-in’ – Sundays, 7.30pm (use/search the hashtag #NHS1000miles)

Get exercise ready!

You can get more information about the benefits of exercise – and tips for being more active – on the NHS website. A good way start could be ‘NHS Couch to 5K’. You could also take part in your local parkrun – run, walk or volunteer!

Good luck with your NHS1000 mile challenge!

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